The world has reinvented…it’s time for entrepreneurs!

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world and the way we do business.  It has forced us to maintain a physical distance. People stopped meeting… they stopped going to public places and avoiding direct contact with other people.

At the beginning of the pandemic, for a moment, there was a global pause. Education (or at least attending educational institutions), business, trade, commerce, the way of doing business stopped.

We soon realized our new reality.  We understood that we could not stop moving. The world continues to move.  We had no choice but to innovate and reinvent ourselves.   We began to familiarize ourselves with new terms and practices, such as remote work, virtual work, and online shopping.

The market for education, training and seminars shifted from face-to-face / presential to virtual. Education was reinvented.  New opportunities were created. Even online courses have been developed in a variety of subjects such as cooking (traditional, vegetarian, vegan), fitness, photography, psychology, marketing, just to give a sample among many topics.

Services such as medicine and health have reinvented themselves and developed teleconsultation services, telemedicine, counseling, and psychological evaluations remotely.

Some people even saw the opportunity to venture into virtual business, entering the e-commerce and digital world. The world moved to a digital marketplace!  Many companies had to enter the digital world.

People started looking for information and training online to learn how to develop their websites and social networks to create digital content to promote their micro or small businesses, products, and services.  They started to interact with applications such as WhatsApp and use them as business and communication tools with their customers.  They started to rely more on email, and without much planning, they entered the world of “e-commerce”.

We started to see the online world as our business or part of our profession. We started to learn about social networks, to get interested in the concept of digital marketing and search engines.  We started posting on social networks and promoting our products and services.  Some have gone further, creating blogs, and entering the market of podcasts and vlogs.  In short, for the entrepreneur, everything has changed.  There are new opportunities.   It is the time to take ownership of our careers and businesses.  We do not want to depend on others or on circumstances.  We do not sit idly by and wait for times to change. We move to innovate and emerge stronger.

Within the crisis, opportunity arose!  Those who wanted to start a business and had procrastinated for a long time, now began to start a business, either out of necessity or because they identified an opportunity from home to realize their dreams.

Thanks to the pandemic, we reinvented ourselves.  We gained new knowledge and developed new skills.  We thought “outside the box”. We began to do things differently and new opportunities were created.

Human creativity and innovation exceeded expectations!

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