What skills and knowledge you need to start a business?

You are interested to start business, or you already have a startup and wants to grow your business.   

Many entrepreneurs start their business at home.  Others may start by leasing a commercial space.  If you do not have the financial resources, you should consider starting at home.  It is a good moment to start a business at home. After what we have been through since the pandemic, we are familiar with the terms Work from home or working remote.  We have learned to work, teach, study, and have meetings at home.  Therefore, why not thinking in start a business at home?

Well, you want to be a business owner. You want to start your entrepreneurship journey.   Entrepreneurship is associated to developing and managing a business venture to gain profit by taking risks.  In other words, it is the willingness and effort to start a new business!

“How to start a business?” is a question many people ask in search engines.  You can investigate in common search engines such as Google and Small Business Administration (SBA) web page (www.sba.gov).  You can also get advice through business incubators, business centers, books, business consultants or mentors.

  • Ask yourself why you want to start a business.  People have different motivations.  It can be making it for living, get extra money, freedom, being your own boss, solve a problem, market opportunity, a hobby, meet people, social needs, among others.
  • Identify what are your current knowledge and skills. 
  • Which area do you have expertise? 
  • What do you enjoy? Which area are your passion or motivation?
  • What product or service you want to offer?

It is important to identify, learn and develop the skills that will contribute to your business venture success.

  • Evaluate your knowledge, skills, and strengths. 
  • What can you offer to the business?
  • What areas, knowledge, and skills you need to develop?

Some knowledge and skills that will help you on this entrepreneur journey include to understand the basics of business.  It will help to learn the fundamentals of a business plan, marketing plan, social media, web site creation and design, website optimization and marketing performance or key performance indicators (KPI) measurement. 

We will explain some of these concepts in future posts.